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"Kev Nair, the fluency icon" – General Knowledge Today.
  Essential Qualification

If you want to get the maximum benefit from Prof. Kev Nair’s self-study books, you need only two qualifications:

First, you must know English reasonably well. That is, you must be an advanced learner of English — or a post-advanced learner. Essentially, this fluency-building system is meant for two broad categories of people:

• For people who need a high degree of fluency — either because they’re already in positions of authority or influence, or because they’re aiming for those positions.
• For people who already speak English fluently enough in situations where short stretches of speech would do, but not in situations where they have to speak continuously and in detail — without previous planning, preparation or rehearsal.

Second, you must have the drive and self-discipline needed for self-study — self-directed self-study.
Please understand this: This fluency-building system is based on a plain truth: Classroom instruction or speech delivery training in classrooms cannot get an adult foreign learner of English to achieve true fluency in spoken English. This may, at first, sound incredible to many people, but this is the truth. Absolute truth. (Go thro’ the topic “Self-study principles” in this PART and thro’ the discussion in the web page "Self-study Facts".

You must understand this truth completely. Why? Because that itself is half the battle — the most important step towards becoming a truly fluent speaker. And if you’re a person who has a deep interest in achieving a high degree of fluency in English, once you understand this truth, that understanding itself would act as the driving force that spurs you on to keep learning from the self-study books on your own.

Who should use Prof Kev Nair’s self-study books as a self-study course?
You should – if you’re one among these people:

  • You’re in a profession (like law, management, marketing or IT) and have to use English heavily and make presentations, argue for or against something, take a firm stand on something and defend it, state your opinions and justify them with evidence in a logical and organized way, get support for proposals, persuade people to your point of view, convince them of things, influence the way they think, feel, make decisions and act... And you’re eager to excel in these tasks.
  • You’re in a profession (like medicine or teaching) and have to use English heavily and succeed in making people understand things. You have to make them think, feel, behave or act in a new or different way, help them learn about things by giving them new information, comfort them, cheer them, encourage them, express your approval or disapproval of what they do. And you’re determined to achieve great success in your chosen profession
  • You’re a public figure or a senior official or a senior manager. And you not only have to get things done, but also have to keep up an image... and make a strong personal impact on people you deal with. And you frequently have to have serious conversations and discussions with people who are quite fluent in English, including fluent native speakers of English. And you even have to give newspaper and television interviews or call press conferences. You want a skill that can make sure people listen... A skill that can get you attention and respect.
  • You’ve learnt grammar very well, and have even built up a wide vocabulary. You’re even fluent enough to make one-or-two-line statements or to give one-or-two-line replies or to ask one-or-two-line questions. But when you sit at a table in a meeting or stand up to make a presentation, you keep wishing: “If only I could disappear”, because you’re not able to go on speaking in English – without long intervals of embarrassment and indecision between every two words. Words are on the tip of your tongue, but they just don’t occur to you readily when you need them.
  • You’re a graduate or a postgraduate. And you’re good at writing reports and other things in English and at translating sentences in your mother-tongue into English. But when you want to speak about the same things in English, you find that you can’t —without stuttering and hesitating. And you feel forced to fall back on your mother-tongue. Or you become tongue-tied.
  • You have excellent academic qualifications, and you’re eager to earn a high-powered job —a position of authority or influence — because you’re not the kind of person who’d be satisfied with the background jobs of life. And you can’t risk speaking in broken, non-fluent English at job interviews or promotion interviews.
  • You’re an applicant for a high-profile course like mba or mca, and you need to be quite fluent in English at group discussions and interviews. (Do you know one thing? The way you fare at a group discussion or an interview depends not on what you know... but on whether you know how to speak about what you know – in fluent English).
  • You’re a Civil Service candidate, and you’re determined to get selected. And you want to present yourself to best effect everywhere.
  • You’re a TSE candidate, and you’re determined to go to the US.
  • You’re a person planning to go to the UK, Australia, New Zealand or another foreign country — for higher studies or for a highly-paid job.

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