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"Over the years, this course has made Nair's name synonymous with the term English fluency itself" – The New Indian Express.
  Self-study Books

How did Prof Kev Nair write the fluent-English self-study books? Through intensive research-studies. That was how.

Through these studies, he discovered factors that give birth to true fluency and make it grow — as well as factors that block it. And he worked out several ways of developing the fluency-building factors and of removing the fluency-blocking factors. And he picked out the sure-fire factors. These sure-fire factors were tested again and again.

At last, a new method of fluency-development training came out. And that's the method that's going to transform you into a supremely fluent speaker of English — with the help of Prof. Nair's self-study books.

Self-instructional books
Here are the titles of the 20 self-study books by Prof. Kev Nair:

• B1: Idea units & Fluency.
• B2: Speech Generation & Flow Production.
• B3: Teaching your Tongue & Speech Rhythm.
• B4: Key Speech-initiators & Speech-unit Patterns.
• S1 & S2: Fluency in Functional English (2 vols.).
• S3: Fluency in Telephone English and Sectoral English.
• B5: How to Deal with Hesitation.
• B6: Oral Training in Fluency Vocabulary (Vol.1).
• B7: Packing of Information.
• B8: Impromptu Speech-flow Techniques.
• S4: Fluency Building and Mouth Gymnastics.
• S5: Fluency in speaking about people.
• B9: Fluency in Asking Questions.
• B10: Oral Training in Fluency Vocabulary (Vol.2).
• B11: Fluency & Moment-to-Moment Speech-production.
• B12: Oral Training in Fluency Vocabulary (Vol.3).
• S6 & S8: Fluency in Topicwise English (2 vols.).
• S7: Fluency & Pronunciation.

Books at B1 to B12 are ideal for use as the main lessons in the self-study course you'd be doing. And books at S1 to S8 are ideal for use as supplements.

Part of each book is made up of lectures, and part, of skill-building drills and exercises. The lectures have been written in simple, easy-to-understand English – to make it easy for you to learn from them by yourself. As for the drills and exercises, they are to be done by yourself – without anyone helping you.

The lectures, drills and exercises are superbly enjoyable and full of variety and liveliness. They would interest you so much that they'd take up all your attention. From beginning to the end, you'll find each of the self-study books absorbing and informative. And you'll find nothing in them that's dry or pedantic. (See "Self-study Facts" for more details).

Are the self-study books hard to study?
Hard? Not at all. The self-study books tell you things in a friendly, conversational, easy-to-understand style.

And do you know how the self-study books teach you? The way you teach a child to walk – step-by-step. The self-study books show you what step to take first, what step to take next, and so on. And that's not all. The self-study books show you how to take each step, and how not to. And the reasons for everything, too! The self-study books draw pictures of everything before you – in words. Colourful, lovely pictures that would never fade away from your mind. We're sure you'll feel as if somebody you like is sitting by your side, having a chat with you — a lively chat.

And you don't have to try and learn anything by heart! Nor translate! Nor keep on listening to cassettes! All you have to do is to read and understand the things that the self-study books say! And do the oral drills. And work through the skill-building exercises.

How many self-study books do you get against your order?
This depends on your payment. Here's how:

• Despatch to addresses within India
Against payment in instalments: If you make your payment in instalments, we'll be despatching the books to you in 3 lots (one lot against each instalment payment) as follows:

1st lot : 7 self-study books (Books B1 to B4 and S1 to S3)
2nd lot: 6 self-study books (Books B5 to B8 and S4 & S5)
3rd lot: 7 self-study books (Books B9 to B12 and S6 to S8)

Against payment in lump sum: But if you make your payment in a lump sum (and not in instalments), we can despatch all the 20 self-study books to you all at once in a single bundle, rather than in 3 lots.

• Despatch to addresses outside India
If you want us to mail the self-study books to an address outside India, we'll mail them all at once in a single bundle (and not in 3 separate lots).


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