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  Fluentenglish.com > English > What do the self-study books aim to do?
"The course aims at teaching you fluency techniques that help you speak with confidence, with your words flowing smoothly"
The New Indian Express
  What do the self-study books aim to do?

Broadly speaking, Prof. Kev Nair’s self-study books have only one aim: To help you get an invaluable skill: The skill of speaking English – with a high degree of fluency. A skill that can bring personal success and career advancement to you. Specifically, these self-study books aim

  • To help you gain the skill of dealing with hesitations while speaking English — the way native speakers of English deal with them.
  • To help you convert your knowledge of everyday English vocabulary and structures into a real mastery of spontaneous speech-building skill.
  • To help you get free of the urge to fall back on your mother-tongue (while you’re speaking English). And to help you gain the skill of composing what you want to say in English and to say it at the same time: The skill of producing English on your feet. Spontaneously — without prior planning or preparation.
  • To train your organs of speech to work smoothly... in the way that the English language wants them to work — and to help you speak English without stumbling over the English sounds or their sequences.
Yes, these self-study books aim to help you get an excellent command of spoken English, so you might never be at a loss for fluent speech.

Spoken English fluency
By the word ‘fluency’, what Prof. Kev Nair’s self-study books mean is the skill of speaking English smoothly and continuously – without hesitation preventing you from speaking on. Yes, it’s the skill of speaking about things clearly and easily – in English that is natural, appropriate and easy to understand. Without struggling for breath or for words.

A dedicated fluency-building system
The self-directed self-study course you’d be doing with Prof. Kev Nair’s self-study books is of a unique kind. It’s not an ordinary kind of spoken English course. No. It’s a course you’ll be able to do on your own as a fluency course. Yes. As a dedicated fluency course. And its aim is not just to teach you how to make one-line statements or ask one-line questions or give one-line replies now and then. The self-study books have been written solely to help you develop and extend your fluency in spoken English — so that you don’t have to limit yourself to one-line statements or one-line questions or one-line replies, but can go ahead and speak at length and in detail about your ideas, thoughts and feelings.

Yes. Prof. Nair’s self-study books concentrate on helping you add a smooth flow to your English — whether you’re producing a short stretch of speech or a long stretch. Whether you’re discussing, explaining, narrating or describing things. Or telling stories. Or taking a stand and defending it. Or arguing. Or expressing an opinion and supporting it with grounds and reasons. You need this skill — if you want to carry on a serious conversation. Or to have a chat. With your words flowing out – freely and readily.

Natural style: Native-speaker-like English
The English that Prof. Kev Nair’s self-study books help you become fluent in is not the "bookish" kind, but the kind that native speakers of English speak – at home and outside. Genuine and natural. You’ll see that its marks are simplicity, liveliness, spontaneity and lack of artificiality.

These self-study books aim to help you speak international English. Educated international English. And not a regional or local variety.


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